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The Tai Chi Qigong Centre's Principal Instructors Colin & Mitzi Orr love for the internal arts means they teach a sincere health promoting programme. ....scroll down to read more

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Details of our Day and Evening Tai Chi Classes plus details of our regular 11 week introduction courses.

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Visit our Tai Chi Shop for Instructional DVD’s, CD’s on Complete Relaxation, Home Study package with Life Membership and embroidered Training Tops.

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TAI CHI BEGINNERS CLASS STARTS 8th OCTOBER 2014 all ages welcome. Click on 'Tai Chi Classes' link for details.
Welcome to the Tai Chi Qigong Centre. Principal Instructors Colin and Mitzi Orr's love for the ancient arts mean they teach a sincere and genuine health promoting program. Over the years they have developed an easy step by step learning syllabus that gently guides the student through the learning process. The original authentic Yang Cheng-fu Tai Chi style is taught, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of revitalizing the internal energy Qi
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